About us

We are a middle-sized company providing full range of services relating to protection of Intellectual Property, including patent and trade mark related services. The practice was established by Alexander Shliakhovetskij in 1992, as a part of a partnership of leading patent attorneys in East regions of Ukraine, simultaneously with establishing of the state system for protecting Intellectual Property in Ukraine and shortly upon creating of fifteen independent states resulted from the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991 (certainly, Soviet government did not allow private enterprise). In 1994, our services were expanded from Ukraine to the whole territory of the former USSR, and then to other countries of the Eastern Europe.

Since the very beginning of our practice we were representing major industrial corporations. Today we represent Clients from all over the world in two dozens of countries, providing them with top quality services. We successfully cooperate with both the industrial companies and with the biggest patent and trade mark agencies, from the U.S.A, European States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Our most modern electronic systems and custom-designed software make our services more efficient and reliable. We have four patent and trade mark attorneys in our office in Kharkov, which is a major scientific center in Ukraine, and in the past – one of the largest scientific centers in the Soviet Union. Furthermore, we have reliable associates in all the territories where we provide our services in, who work with us for many years. High professional skills and experience of our attorneys and staff allow us to provide a top quality service.